We help farmers use tech to grow fish in their KrishiHonda Ponds

HasiruAqua helps farmers -
  • Get high quality fish eggs/seeds

  • Get high quality feed

  • Monitor the health of the pond in realtime

  • Predict critical events

  • Sell their produce

Inland fish farming in India has a potential of becoming a 
$5 Billion industry and less than 1% of farmers participate.

Farmers shy away from it because they simply don't know anything about fish, its biology or how to grow fish.

Hasiru Aqua is a Bangalore based company focused helping farmers and bringing technology to the agriculture sector.

Our aim is to improve the lives of 1 million farmers in the next 5 years.


Here's our story

2020 - Ajay, working at a hydroponics company realizes a complete lack of solution in the aquaculture space

2020 - Ajay and Pranav decide to build IOT device that will help farmers, aquaponics and hydroponics researchers monitor pond health

2020 - Ajay gets fellowship from IIT-K to build device and test in 1 farm.

Registers HasiruAqua Technologies.

2021 - farmers inform Ajay that monitoring with sensors is not enough, they need end-to-end services

2022 - HasiruAqua Pivots to full-stack fish-farming services for inland farmers

2022 - over 100 farmers sign up in first month

2022 - 5 farms onboarded

How it works

Farmer with KrishiHonda Pond is onboarded with KYC

Health check on KrishiHonda Pond

HasiruAqua Sensor Kit is installed in farm

HasiruAqua provides high quality fish fingerlings (seeds / eggs)

HasiruAqua provides high quality fish feed

HasiruAqua Farmer App gives notifications on when to feed the fish

HasiruAqua Farmer App gives alerts in case of critical events

HasiruAqua Farmer App allows farmers to sell their produce on the app


HasiruAqua Sensor Kit

Boat prototype.jpeg

Features -

- Real-time monitoring of Temperature, pH and TDS (Total Dissolved Solids)

- 4G enabled

- Solar powered

Coming soon:

- Real-time Dissolved Oxygen, Ammonia and nitrogen sensors

The HasiruAqua Sensor Kit is a floating device that lives in a farmers pond and collects real-time data from the pond. It is a device under development at HasiruAqua Technologies. It will be launched in April 2022.

All updates, hardware and software, will be free for the first 100 farmers.

HasiruAqua Farmer App

Features -

- Real-time monitoring of pond health

- Notifications for best feeding practises

- Alerts for critical events

- Marketplace to sell produce

- Customer Support

Coming soon:

- Subsidy portal

App Screens

Many farmers do not understand the usage of smartphones or apps. We have call and SMS based solutions for them.

LoFi connectivity -

The HasiruAqua Farmer App helps farmers keep a track of their KrishiHonda Pond's health in real-time. It is a mobile app under development at HasiruAqua Technologies. It will be launched in April 2022.


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