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We cultivate safe, hygienic fish

by partnering with farmers and using state-of-the-art technology.

Our mission

Cultivate safe, hygienic food sources for consumers
help farmers increase their yearly earnings.

About Us

A farmer, a hardware engineer and a product designer got together to help farmers lead better lives.

In the process they discovered a way to cultivate nutritious, safe, hygienic and contamination-free fish.

How do we do this?

We partner with farmers and deploy a Full-Stack-Fishing-Service that can produce 1000kg of fish per 1/4 acre pond. With centralized procurement, monitoring and distribution, HasiruAqua can drastically bring down the cost of fish cultivation.

This drastically reduces the effort required by a farmer to start fish cultivation and helps us cultivate fish in a hygienic and safe manner, using scientific best-practices.



We procure highest quality fish seed, feed and other essential items needed to cultivate fish on behalf of farmers.


Real-time Monitoring

Our home-grown technology monitors pond and fish health in real-time. It gives alerts in case of critical conditions.



We work with D2C brands, retailers, distributors and exporters to sell the produce at best-in-class prices.

If you're a farmer in Karnataka, India, we've a great opportunity for you.

What farmers say about HasiruAqua

The farmer community loves us for our initiative and transparency. They collaborate with us at every step of the way providing critical feedback.



Introducing MeenDoctru v0.3

MeenDoctru is a proprietary technology created by HasiruAqua. MeenDoctru loosely translates to Fish Doctor in Kannada, the native language of our farmers.

It is an aggregated sensor kit that floats on water and collects 4 parameters of data in real-time and ensures the safety of the pond.

It can detect critical events and provide warnings, mitigating risk of crop failure.


The Govt. is invested

One of the major reasons why we're doing this now is because the government of India is taking aggressive measures in helping inland farmers across the country construct ponds in their farms.

These ponds are called Krishi Hondas and the government offers up to 90% subsidy to farmers who construct them in their farmland.

Our Journey so far

Hasiruaqua is building a full-stack fishing service and MeenDoctru, an IoT device.

Bringing various elements of the stack in-house helps bring down costs drastically and helps us pass on the cost-benefits to consumers.

Ajay gets fellowship from IIT-K to build and test technology with 1 farm


Ajay and Pk survey 100s of farmers and learn that they want a full suite of services


Rebuild ops to offer fully integrated fish cultivation as a service and onboard 5 farmers.

Joe joins to develop tech


develop product, onboard 1000 farms and build relationships with D2C, distributors and exporters


Reach 2500 farms

add in-house hatcheries & feed production

switch to cash-crop (prawn etc.)


Join us!

We're putting together a team that wants to help build a technology driven ecosystem that cultivates food in safe, hygienic conditions through sustainable processes and practices.

Full-Stack Developer

Come build the HasiruAqua OS that is the glue to our hardware and software services.

Scientist - AquaCulture

Bring the academia to startups, study our fish, ponds, feeding habits and more. Helps us cultivate a better source of food and increase income for farmers

VP - Partnerships

Help Hasiruaqua and our farmer partners build relationships with banks, insurance cos, D2C brands, distributors and other businesses.

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