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Krishi Honda Scheme

The Krishi Honda scheme from the Government of India enables farmers to setup a pond in their farm by providing up to 90% subsidy. This helps farmers collect and store water and also forms a rain-water catchment area. Hence, at scale, the scheme is a way for the government to ensure that precious rain-water is being returned underground and not being washed away.

Why is the government doing this?

India relies heavily on natural rain cycles for its agricultural needs. With the recent monsoons being erratic and unpredictable, the government is looking at alternative solutions for water storage and ground-water rejuvenation. 

So the government is taking efforts to encourage ground-water rejuvenation on a granular level getting farmers to install ponds in their farms. Their aim is to get 1,00,000 farmers to install ponds in their farms every year.

Features of Krishi Honda Scheme

Farmers obtain a grant for construction of the pond and buying lift pumps, diesel motors, tarpaulin cover and nets.

The pond will be minimum dimension 9 mtr length x 9 mtr width x 3 mtrs depth would be built with inlet-cum-outlet and silt trap.

Benefits of Krishi Honda Ponds

Stores water preventing it from draining away.

Recharges ground water.

Provides a good water source to crops and cattle.

Mitigates drought situation.

If you need assistance in getting a  KrishiHonda Pond for your farm, we can help.
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