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MeenDoctru 0.3

A modular IoT device that collects multiple parameters of data from ponds to monitor it's health.

Solar Powered

Weather proof



About MeenDoctru

MeenDoctru or the Hasiruaqua Sensor Kit is an IoT device that collects various parameters of data (like temperature, pH etc.,) from ponds and lakes. It is built to be weather-proof and floats on the surface of the pond. In its current version, it is solar-powered and collects 4 parameters of data.

The MeenDoctru gives farmers alerts when there critical events occur at the pond via a companion app.

Tech Specs

Although MeenDoctru is still in it's early stages of development, it is capable of quite a lot.


Solar powered with rechargeable batteries included


Temperature of pond, Temp of Atmosphere, Total Dissolved Solids, pH


4G sim based

Weather Proof


Evolution of MeenDoctru



Modular Design

Boat-shaped outer casing

Solar Powered

Collects 4 parameters

Performs well in live conditions


Modular Design

MVP version

Collected 2 parameters

Tested in live conditions


Custom PCB design

Collected 2 parameters

No outer-casing

Used in test conditions only

MeenDoctru App

Accessible via Android, Web, SMS & Call

The MeenDoctru App interfaces with MeenDoctru device and informs farmers about the health of their pond.

It also has a marketplace to sell produce.

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