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About HasiruAqua

Established in 2019 after receiving a fellowship from IIT-Kanpur, HasiruAqua Technologies India Pvt. Ltd. is proud to be working for the betterment of farmers and the food production industry.

Fishing in the Sea

Our Thesis

We believe that making life better for the farmers of any country will greatly impact the way they produce food. This has a cataclysmic effect on what the overall population consumes creating a huge change in the way people live.

Our mission is to improve the lives of farmers through technological innovation.

Meet the Team

We're a small team of passionate people that is out to build sustainable tech solutions and pass it on to the farming community. We want to make it easy for farmers to access technology and improve the quality and quantity of food they produce.

Our journey so far

2024 - Retail, Franchises, multiple species

Ashok Kumar a fisheries expert with prior experience in the Dept. of Fisheries has joined as a director.

We have successfully onboarded our first live fish counter franchisee and are selling 100 Kg of fish every week on average.

We have also been succesful in setting up and operating a small-capacity stall in Sadali Village near Chikballapura where we are selling 30 Kg of fish every alternate day.

2023 - Partner with distributors & Government

We have a working relationship with brands like CaptainFresh and Nandos. This has given us a clear understanding of the volume of demand in the market.

We have also built a relationship with District Collectors of Malur, Chamarajanagar and  Chikballapura. We are able to gather support in terms of data collection and marketing to farmers.

2022 - 5 farmers onboarded as customers

We have on-boarded 5 farmers from our farmer community as customers and are providing services to them. We are also evolving MeenDoctru and the HasiruAqua farmer app. Our goal this year is to establish a marketplace with distributors, exporters and D2C brands that will buy produce from the farmers directly.

2021 - Pivot to full-stack fish farming

We were able to pivot to a full-stack fish farming service for farmers and grow a community of 50-60 farmers that were interested in the service. We iterated our technology and process with them.

2020 - MVP

During our MVP, we built MeenDoctru in a crude form and deployed it with a fish farmer on the outskirts of Bangalore, India. Feedback from farmers was to help them with the entire fish cultivation cycle.

2019 - Idea

Ajay quits aquaponics startup and works with Pranav to develop sensors for aquaculture farmers. Ajay receives fellowship from IIT-Kanpur to develop an MVP with 1 farm.

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