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Our Mission

Enable farmers to access technology and knowledge.

Grow food for consumers in safe hygienic conditions.

Bangalore city consumes around 14,000 tonnes of fish every year. This roughly translates to 40-50 tonnes per day.

Currently, 20% of this is farmed fish, that's about 8-10 tonnes of inland fish consumed daily.

Studies show that the fish consumed in Bangalore is mostly unhealthy or rotting.

HasiruAqua is on a mission to ensure that inland fish is grown in the most hygienic and safe environments and is delivered to consumers through safe delivery mechanisms.

Proud Vietnamese couple working in an American fish market

Globally speaking, Inland fish production is growing by 30 million metric tonnes per year.

It is predicted that inland fish production will overtake naturally sourced fish (commercial fishing) in the next 3-5 years.

By developing hardware, software and community engagement platforms, HasiruAqua believes that fish production, inland and marine, can undergo the rapid transformation that it is so badly in need of.

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