We help fish-farmers reduce risk & increase productivity with technology.

Hasiru Aqua's kits enable real-time tracking of critical data
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Fish farming in India is a ~5 Billion dollar industry that is seeing tremendous growth. It is plagued with improper practises because of a lack of scientific insight and real-time data.
Hasiru Aqua is a Bangalore based company focused on bringing technology to the agriculture sector. Our aim is to improve the lives of 10million farmers in the next 5 years.

Hasiru Aqua kits will:

- Collect Real-time data from farms
- Provide insights via smartphone/SMS
- Provide smart alerts to make adequate changes

How it works


Hasiru Aqua Kit for your farm and download the app.


Hasiru Aqua Kit. On-ground assistance is provided. 


Real-time data from your fish farm and get alerts to improve yield


Hasiru Aqua mentorship program to better understand Govt. policies and benefits as a fish-farmer in India


your farm data with agricultural colleges to gain best-practises insights over the long term

Hasiru Aqua is currently offering free consultation to fish farms in Karnataka.
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