We help farmers use technology to cultivate fish in their KrishiHonda Ponds

Most farmers we spoke to had tried to cultivate fish in their pond with no success.

They wanted a partner who could hand-hold them through the process of cultivating and selling fish.


So we developed a
full-stack fish-farming service for inland farmers


Here's how it works

Farmer with KrishiHonda Pond is onboarded with KYC.
Pays Rs. 3750/month


HasiruAqua checks the complete health of the pond

We test up to 30 parameters including heavy metals and pollutants.


HasiruAqua sensor kit is installed in the pond

It monitors the health of the pond in real time and sends alerts in case of critical conditions.


HasiruAqua Provides high quality fish fingerlings and feed


HasiruAqua periodically documents health of fish


HasiruAqua Cloud Stack


HasiruAqua Sensor Kit


HasiruAqua Farmer App

HasiruAqua Sensor Kit monitors the pond in real-time.


HasiruAqua Farmer App
provides -
- pond health dashboard
- feeding time alerts
- critical event alerts and preventive measures
- shop to buy feed
- market to sell produce

HasiruAqua Sensor Kit

Features -

- Real-time monitoring of Temperature, pH and TDS (Total Dissolved Solids)

- 4G enabled

- Solar powered

Coming soon:

- Real-time Dissolved Oxygen, Ammonia and nitrogen

The HasiruAqua Sensor Kit is a floating device that lives in a farmers pond and collects real-time data from the pond. It is a device under development at HasiruAqua Technologies. It was launched in May 2022.

All updates, hardware and software, will be free for the first 100 farmers.

Here's a video of our first farmer, Nagarajappa, talking about his experience of cultivating fish with HasiruAqua.

He only speaks Kannada, so please read the subtitles.


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