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We cultivate safe, hygienic fish
in partnership with farmers

Hasiruaqua cultivates fish in ponds distributed across several farming communities.

We help distributors, exporters, suppliers and retailers meet demand for fish and fish products by cultivating instead of harvesting from lakes and rivers.

We cultivate 6 species of fish

Choose from Basa, Murrel, Indian Carp, Roopchand, prawns or a combination.

Our experts will help you plan cultivation according to demand cycles. ​Ramp up as fast as you want and get the exact product you were looking for.

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Indian Carp Icon.png

Indian Carp

Roopchand Icon.png


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prawn icon.png


Murrel Icon.png

Snakehead Murrel

Powered by farmers of India

HasiruAqua cultivates fish in partnership with farmers who have ponds. We offer a full stack fish farming service to farmers.

If you're a farmer looking to make additional income through fish cultivation, click the link below.

Hasiruaqua is a Bangalore based startup that cultivates fish for distribution, export and consumption.

We partner with farmers to cultivate fish and help them earn an additional income.

Help with food security and economic progress at local, national and global levels.