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We cultivate safe, hygienic fish
in partnership with farmers

Hasiruaqua cultivates tonnes of fish in thousands of ponds distributed across several farming communities. We help distributors, exporters, suppliers and retailers meet demand for fish and fish products by cultivating instead of harvesting from lakes and rivers.

We cultivate 6 species of fish

Choose from Basa, Murrel, Indian Carp, Roopchand, prawns or a custom combination.

Our experts will help you plan cultivation according to demand cycles. ​Ramp up as fast as you want and get the exact product you were looking for.


Powered by farmers of India

HasiruAqua cultivates fish in partnership with farmers who have ponds. Farmers can avail government subsidy to construct ponds. We offer a full stack fish farming service to farmers.

If you're a farmer looking to make additional income through fish cultivation, click the link below.


Loved by retailers and customers alike

Our first franchise in Dharmavaram, AP has been consistently running out of supply. We sell over 70-80Kg of fish per day and are getting great feedback from customers about the live fish area.


The Govt. is invested

One of the major reasons why we're doing this now is because the government of India is taking aggressive measures in helping inland farmers across the country construct ponds in their farms.

These ponds are called Krishi Hondas and the government offers up to 90% subsidy to farmers who construct them in their farmland.


Introducing MeenDoctru v0.3

MeenDoctru is a proprietary technology created by HasiruAqua. MeenDoctru loosely translates to Fish Doctor in Kannada, the native language of our farmers.

It is an aggregated sensor kit that floats on water and collects 4 parameters of data in real-time and ensures the safety of the pond.

It can detect critical events and provide warnings, mitigating risk of crop failure.

Our mission

Move the needle from harmful hunter-gatherer methods of procuring fish to agrarian methodology-
help farmers, help nature.

About Us

Hasiruaqua is a Bangalore based startup that cultivates fish for distribution, export and consumption.

We partner with farmers to cultivate fish and help them earn an additional income.

Our Journey so far

Hasiruaqua is using technology to rethink an entire ecosystem to solve for the problems of distributors, exporters, suppliers, retailers and even farmers.

IIT-K Fellowship for prototype


Farm 1 Operational


  1. 8 farms operational

  2. OpenMapping Hub Collab- 14,000 ponds identified


  1. Services for 6 Species of fish

  2. Retail franchise

  3. PO from 2 distributors


We'll keep you posted



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